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Smart lamp/soundbar/charger/alarm clock

Smart lamp/soundbar/charger/alarm clock

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The Smart Lamp is a stylish interpretation of the modern look and perfectly embodies modern minimalism and functionality. Use this lamp as a sleep lamp and night light. The best bedside lamp that also has an alarm clock. It is also ideal as an office table lamp. Your new desk lamp is not just a lamp, but also a lamp with music and a battery table lamp for easy charging of your cell phone. A great Smart table lamp. 


The feature list includes a clock, 15-watt wireless fast charging, a Bluetooth speaker, a sleep lamp, a sunrise alarm clock lamp and a dazzling light effect. Say goodbye to dangling and tangled charging cables because this is a wireless station.

Even in the dark or in dim light, it's hard to miss thanks to its soothing RGB light. It has 256 modes and 16 million light colors, which can be adjusted via the connected APP. Our Smart Lamp is perfect for you or a great gift for any occasion.

In addition, the base of the lamp has an integrated wireless charging pad, with which you can wirelessly charge any two devices!

This stunning lamp features 4 built-in neodymium Bluetooth speakers for surround sound. Simply pair your device with the lamp and play your favorite music wirelessly. You can even use the touch controls on the lamp to skip songs and adjust the volume.

Material: ABS plastic
Input voltage: 12V/2.5A
Bluetooth audio power: 3W
Button battery capacity: 40 mAh
Wireless power: 10 - 15W
Light mode: 256 light patterns , 16 million colors
Transmission distance: 2 - 6 mm
Working frequency: 100 - 205 kHz



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